Your jewelry was manufactured in the workshop Your Diamonds Business LTD, from Oradea, str. N.Beldiceanu, No. 12, Bihor county, to the highest quality standards with attention to the smallest details.


Warranty period 24 months from date of purchase.

The average duration of use 24 months.

Keep the receipt or invoice and certificate of conformity for any quality complaints can be addressed to our company during the warranty period.

So they are full rights assured by legislation (Law no. 449/2003, Romanian Government Ordinance no.21/1992, republished).

Seller's liability is assumed in accordance with the provisions of article 16 of Law 449/2003.

Contract's resolution is in accordance with art. 11 of Law 449/2003 and Article 14 and Article. 15 of OG21 / 1992 republished.

Remedy may be determined by common negotiation.

Consumer rights are in accordance with the law 449/2003, chapter III.


Repair or restoration (replacement) free of charge for deficient product non imputable to consumer if the defective product falls under the present certificate.

If repair or restoration (replacement) product is not possible we will refund your purchase price.

Warranty period starts from the date of sale of the product and increases with time elapsed from the day the consumer product complained fault until it brought back under.

Service provider (producer) has the obligation to repair or rebuild / replace the product within a reasonable period of time mutually agreed in writing between buyer and seller.

The buyer shall respond to complaints within 15 days.

The buyer has the obligation to use the product and maintain it according to the instructions detailed in this certificate and presented at time of purchase.


The guarantee is lost to the fulfillment of any of the conditions below:

  1. 1) change original condition; kept in unsuitable conditions; submission to the action of corrosive chemicals, etc.; as well as submission to thermal shocks, physical, mechanical shocks, etc.;
  2. 2) submitting product to be modified/repaired to other people/companies that manufacture unauthorized by the manufacturer;
  3. 3) failure to present warranty certificate; failure to present invoice or fiscal receipt;
  4. 4) compromising or deleting data recorded in this certificate;
  5. 5) the loss of the certificate of warranty.


We do not recommend carrying any kind of gem when: sleep, bathe (home, swimming pool, sea, thermal, etc.), change your clothes, playing sports, any other physical activity during which you can hit or damage jewelry.

We do not recommend wearing rings and wedding rings when doing household activities: (wash dishes, clothes, children, pets, etc), gardening (dig, pliviti, flush chemical injuries, ierbicidati) or any other activity that may expose the ring/wedding band at strong shocks, or from chemicals, petrochemicals or cosmetics.

Pearls, coral, mother of Pearl, ivory, nacre, wood, leather, are organic, natural materials, jewels that contain any of these materials should be protected from cosmetics, chemicals, pertochemicals, sources of heat, thermal shocks.

Likewise the jewelry that contain rubber parts lose their elasticity if it comes into contact with cosmetic sprays or any other petrochemical product.


We are waiting once a year at the store where you purchased the jewelry or any other DeGeorgia store to verify mount and professional cleaning the jewelry, it will be delivered in original packaging (to avoid accidental damage) and must be accompanied by this certificate!

If you lose or destroy the certificate no longer benefit from the services of post purchase!

Note! These services are not required!

We consider small degree of wear items that have been worn as our recommendations!

We consider the average degree of wear items scratched by repeated blows of the same intensity!

We will consider high-wear items deeply scratched by repeated blows of different intensities!

We propose to redo (surcharge), any object deformed, incomplete, etc., which cannot be repaired!

After any work items may change grammage directly proportional to the volume and the wear!


We, SC DIAMONDS BUSINESS SRL declare that these products do not endanger the life, health, work safety and environmental protection and that the time of sale, the products have corresponded entirely to customer requirements.