Terms and conditions of use of the online store


These Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) govern the relations between the company DIAMONDS BUSINESS S.R.L., a Romanian limited liability company, with its registered office situated in Romania, Bihor county, Oradea, 14 Valea Drăganului street, registered with the Trade Register Office under no. J05/330/2007, taxpayer identification number (CUI) RO20999793 (“Company” or “We”) and the persons who use (“User”) the website www.degeorgia.ro (“Site”) and/or the services provided by the Company by the Site (“Services”).

The users, when accessing the site www.degeorgia.ro, have to comply with the terms and conditions set out below and the applicable law in Romania.

The site “www.degeorgia.ro” reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of use any time by updating this site.

Both the access and the use of the site and of any page or component sections thereof, respectively of any service provided by the site may be performed only in line with these Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy stipulated on the site www.degeorgia.ro.

For the use of the services, we may ask the user to express its agreement related to these Terms and Conditions by a specific approach, which has the meaning of a clear consent (e.g. ticking a box corresponding to “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions laid down on the site”).

To ensure compliance with the terms of access and use of the services, users should check each time they access the site, the terms and conditions of use too. Even if you fail to analyse the terms and conditions, but use the site, we will assume that you have accepted our Terms and Conditions (including any updates).


  • Site-domain: degeorgia.ro
  • Account: is that section of the site consisting of an email address and password, where any user can set up an account by filling in the following information: username, password, delivery address and phone number, allowing thus the user to place an order.
  • User: any natural person (over 16 years old) or legal person who registers on the site and who agrees to the provisions stipulated on the site in the Terms and Conditions section once it sets up its account on the site
  • Buyer: any natural person (over 16 years old) or legal person who sets up an account on the site and places an order
  • List of favourite products: is that section of the site where the user can mark its favourite products and it may also change the list any time by adding, deleting products or putting them directly in the Shopping Cart.
  • Shopping cart: the section of the site where the user can add the desired products for the purpose of purchasing them.
  • Order: is the electronic document by which the Buyer notifies the Seller on its intention regarding the purchase of some products on the site

All registered users are directly liable for the content of their messages, hence, we politely ask all users of the site to take into account and implement several rules that aim to maintain a relationship based on mutual respect in the comments section. Rules such as:

  • Use of a decent language, insults of any kind are forbidden
  • Posts containing discrimination are not allowed (regardless of whether they refer to religion, sex, etc.)
  • In order to be able to respond individually to the messages in the comments section, please fill in the correct e-mail address; therefore, be very careful when filling in your account setting-up data
  • any failure to comply with these rules, will entail the deletion or change of the message posted
  • likewise, when choosing your account name, it is forbidden to use names with sexual connotations or the use of offensive names for certain social categories
  • it is also forbidden to disseminate threatening, obscene and vulgar messages, malicious content contrary to the law of the forum or anywhere on the website.
  • messages containing personal data such as telephone numbers, social security number, identity card series are prohibited

The users’ failure to comply with these rules will entail a prohibition to access the site and/or any service provided by the company.
The company does not control, but only monitors the content of messages posted on the site by users.


Upon the registration of an order on the site, the buyer agrees with the means of communication chosen by the seller for its commercial operations, i.e. by e-mail or phone.

After placing the order, the buyer will receive from the seller an electronic notification on the e-mail address indicated by it when setting up the account on the site, which will confirm that the order has been successfully registered on the site. However, this notification does not constitute an acceptance of the order.

Because all jewelry on the site is handmade and is customized according to customer requirements, there may be situations when the stones used in the setting of the jewel/jewellery ordered are not in the seller’s stock. In such cases, the seller will notify the buyer of the situation and will offer the buyer similar products instead of the unavailable ones.

If the buyer does not want to buy other products instead of the unavailable ones, the seller will return to the buyer the amount paid for the initial order, if appropriate.

The contract between the buyer and the seller is deemed concluded when the buyer receives the product/products from the seller, after making the payment according to the terms accepted.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions and to the privacy policy.