Diamond and emerald earrings

45.921 RON

Sapphire pendant

9.819 RON

Ruby and diamond ring

2.501 RON

Pandantiv mama perlei

425 RON

Pandantiv cu mama perlei

469 RON

Pendant with mother of pearl

413 RON

Mother of pearl earrings

991 RON

Mother of pearl earrings

766 RON

Mother of pearl earrings

939 RON

Quartz and pearl earrings

3.324 RON

Necklace with mother of pearl

3.758 RON

Diamond earrings

3.257 RON

Diamond pendant

2.270 RON

Ring with sapphires

5.984 RON

Diamond and pearl earrings

4.893 RON

Pearl and tourmaline earrings

5.156 RON

Pearl pendant

1.926 RON

Diamond and sapphire ring

6.506 RON

Emerald and opal pendant

3.447 RON

Amethyst earrings

875 RON

Ruby and agate pendant

1.622 RON

Sapphire earrings

3.924 RON

Ruby bracelet

745 RON

Rubies and diamond earrings

9.987 RON

Tourmaline ring

2.949 RON

Diamond bracelet

800 RON

Broșă cu diamante

3.286 RON

Mother of pearl swan brooch

990 RON

Snowflake brooch with mother of pearl

1.488 RON

Diamond and pearl bracelet

7.639 RON

Diamond and pearl necklace

17.817 RON

Diamond and pearl ring

10.472 RON

Brooch with colored gemstones

16.699 RON

Emerald pendant

5.653 RON

Diamond and emerald pendant

23.711 RON

Diamond and emerald earrings

35.871 RON

Diamond pendant

759 RON

Earrings with sapphires, quartz and prasiolite

11.395 RON

Diamond, emerald and pearl pendant

10.126 RON

Pendant with mother of pearl

1.342 RON