The warranty period for DeGEORGIA Diamonds jewellery provides a 24-month coverage.

Both the authenticity and the characteristics of the precious material – 14k gold (585 ‰) and 18k gold (750 ‰) – as well as the precious stones inlaid in the jewel frame have a lifetime warranty.
Consumer rights are in compliance with art. 16(1) of Law 449/2003 (Chapter III), they are not affected by the warranty terms and conditions.
DeGEORGIA DIAMONDS jewellery is marked in line with the law in force, under the control and guidance of the National Authority for Consumer Protection – Precious Metals Directorate.

 Loss of warranty

  1. The warranty is lost when the jewel is damaged due to non-compliance with the indications laid down in the Warranty Certificate, accidents, negligence, its improper use or other factors not related to material or manufacturing defects.
  2. Change of the original product condition; storage in improper conditions; when it is subject to the action of chemicals, corrosives, etc.; as well as when it is subject to thermal shocks, physical, mechanical shocks, etc.;
  3. The product is handed over for altering/repairing purposes to other persons/companies not authorized by the manufacturer;
  4. Failure to submit the warranty certificate, failure to present the invoice or the receipt;
  5. Compromising or deletion of the data set out in this certificate;
  6. Loss of warranty certificate.